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Tradition since 1896

Welcome to coda kennels' American Pit Bull Terrier web site! Here at coda kennels, we breed "classic-style" pitbulls and "classic" (COLBY) pitbulls. "Classic-style" means that our pitbulls are bred to the traditional standard; males 35-65 lbs. and females 30-55 lbs. We hope you enjoy your visit and thanks for stopping by !!!
The picture above was taken at pitbull "ground zero" during a visit with Lou Colby at his home in Newburyport, MA 11/20/04.
Ancestors can be seen in Colby's Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
Our puppies are reasonably priced and are for sale NOT on sale !!!

We would like to give credit where credit is due and thank all of the great DOGMEN of the past; if not for the care and diligence put forth in your efforts, we, the DOGMEN of today would not be able to have what we have!
Our ultimate thanks and utmost respect goes out to the COLBY'S, whose dogs are the basis of virtually every pure-bred American Pit Bull Terrier in the world today! Extra special thanks to Lou for having his father's passion and maintaining the bloodline. The torch will be carried on with pride!
Thanks to James & Ellen Due for Miss Blue and Nina. Extra thanks to Ginny York whose willingness to share her experience and knowledge has been invaluable. Your aid has been appreciated and accepted with an attitude of gratitude!    

'pr' CODA's Colby Clipper (UKC)
McFarland's Clipper Colby (ADBA)




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