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about us - plan A



Music - A passage at the end of a movement or composition

              that brings it to a formal close.

Choreography - The closing part of a pas de deux.


The overall goals of CODA Kennels are to produce "classic style" dogs that reflect the positive side of the APBT, to promote them in this light and preserve the integrity of the breed.
Though the "standard" for our breed has changed over time, we are traditionalists in this respect and make every effort possible to ensure that we do not produce dogs that get over 65 pounds. We have produced dogs that have attained "catch weight" in our litters, but it is something that nature has control over, not what we try to accomplish. The current obsession with size is inadvertently aiding and adding to the media induced negativity directed at our breed. Society's convenient position is the bigger the dog the bigger the "threat". Bigger is not better and it's taking away from the breed! We're not breeding Mastiffs, Presa Canarios or the current "bully style" fad. To produce top quality, classic-style, show, working/athletic and family/companion (pet) APBT's with sound temperaments, the most selective breeding and/or line-breeding possible is used. No inbreeding is practiced.
We are not backyard breeders nor are we a franchise; other than our Colby dogs we do not reproduce other breeders' bloodlines. The bloodlines we used to produce our strain were COLBY, GAFF, LARUM, MASON (Ch. Hog), RUFFIAN, SIERRA, WATCHDOG and YORK. Our dogs' temperaments and athleticism is hard to come by. 
Even though our foundation dogs have numerous "champions" in their pedigrees, we don't participate in the show ring as we find it to be too politically subjective and therefore the term "champion bloodlines" over-used, overblown and over-rated. For all intents and purposes, show ring champions are nothing but beauty queens. The fact is that approximately 90% of the dogs out there meet the "standard" and it is not unusual to encounter dogs over 65 pounds (out of standard) entered. Why have a "standard" if it's not "standardized" ?  
CODA Kennels also offers 100% line-bred Colby dogs. Great effort and pride will be exerted in maintaining this bloodline, keeping it pure and ensuring that it can be passed on to further withstand the test of time. Though there are other renowned bloodlines, this is the original, the purest, and CODA Kennels is extremely proud to offer it. Our first litter will be available during calender year 2005.
All dogs are UKC registered and all Colby dogs are dual registered with the ADBA. All dogs sold come de-wormed, with first shots and a certificate of health. We accept payment plans prior to shipping but not after a dog has been shipped due to the inconvenience. 
Any dog purchased as "pet quality" is preferred to be spayed or neutered. There are more than enough 1/2-bred and cur dogs passing for our breed creating negative attention and more than enough homeless dogs being euthanized. If a dog purchased from CODA Kennels can no longer be kept, we will gladly pay for its return airfare.
NO DOG WILL BE BRED OR SOLD FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES. CODA Kennels will enforce this as the breed is under enough scrutiny . Any "owner" found to be in violation of this "treaty" will have their dog repossessed without monetary refund. We are not "holier than thou", but negative attention drawn to dogs we produce, draws negative attention to our breed in general and us specifically. We will not be treated like criminals due to our choice of dog kept or someone else's indiscretion!!! As Lou Colby says "it's time to move on and save the breed".

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